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I paid dude for a reading because I kept hearing how accurate he was. None of what he said came true in the time frame he stated. So I'm beginning to take everything with a grain of salt and falling back from YouTube readers. Thanks x 8 LOL! Nov 26, 2. I thought you literally meant the Joanne in your prof pic. I guess I should've checked what forum this was in lol. Nov 26, 3. Pick a card readings are meant to be read and applicable at any time but what she's saying is sketchy af.

Thanks x 8. Nov 26, 4. Thanks x 10 LOL! Nov 26, 5. Nov 26, 6. Nov 26, 7. Nov 26, 8. Thanks x 4 Hugs! Nov 27, 9. Thanks x 5 Hugs! Nov 27, Thanks x 6. Thanks x 4. Thanks x 3.

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This can also be you if you have an Earth sign in any of those placements. My Guides say: "The Knight of Pentacles has arrived to day to let you know it's time to get moving. Many will see things start to move forward at this time, and there will Be the benefits and blessings of money involved. If your life, or some aspect of it has been stuck, this Knight Be aware, many will have a Knight of Pentacles that's going to help you. He may want to travel and desire to see the world, and also have quite a lot on his mind to. He is expecting the best and wants to prove things to himself in the world.

Get out and about, and make efforts to mingle and meet new people. Standing on the sidelines just won't do now, it's time to get into the mix. Giving someone help and instruction is indicated either you are giving it, or perhaps you will be receiving it, and the night of pentacles is involved in this situation either way. This Knight has strength, fortitude, and wisdom. He is someone that knows how to make things happen. For some of you this could be a boss, mentor, teacher, or someone who will be lighting the way for you in some manner, now or over the course of the next 5 to 6 weeks.

He will be delving into things and wanting to get things done. Hes got a lot of ideas and agendas right now. If this is a son or daughter to you or even yourself, there will be a lot of changes getting ready to occur in their life now, or in yours if this is you. These changes will be of a positive nature, and leading to new areas and directions.

Life looks like it's getting ready to experience change. If he is a romantic partner, he or she will be very romantic and be bringing flowers, and gifts, with an open heart. You can access them by clicking on this link:. I wish you all magnificent and miraculous energy and blessings from this New Moon in Libra! The first and most important step is to get clear about what you want - so you don't send out mixed signals to the universe!

I will be on the iHeartRadio show "Your Golden Hour" with host Myriam Turcott tonight at PM eastern time, discussing my experiences with manifesting and the steps necessary to take to make things happen in your life.

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You can a I wish you all the blessings of wonderous success in manifesting great thing in your life! Nathaniel says: What burns bright in you that you want to accomplish? Is it love, career, creativity, spirituality, or a combination of passions? It's time to stoke the fires of your desire and make moves and decisions that will reignite the flames and inspirations and drive to take you to your goals. In doing so, your life will become brighter and m Lose the fear of failure or trepidation, as this is only creating blocks and weighing you down.

Many of you will see something take off for you - within 6 months time, or much sooner. You are ready to take the next step in something, perhaps a class, a contact you can make, a plan you can set in motion, or a person you would like to connect with on a deeper or romantic level.

Your angels and guides are encouraging you, as is the astrology happening in the cosmos. Being very focused and clear on your intentions is of paramount importance at this time. Getting into new methods and training in some areas will be helpful for many of you, as will joining clubs, groups, and organizations.

Perhaps many of you have been quiet and dormant for too long, feeling as if life has become stale and boring or unexciting, and you're going through the motions just to survive and get by. Now it's time to awaken from any slumber or dreams, and get inspired to follow your passions, and find the energy within you to make your life interesting and exciting to live! Work within the parameters of your space whether it be home or at work, or both. Cleaning closets, cabinets, desks, yards, your car, basement, attic, are all a v Also being creative and coming up with new methods, techniques, business ideas and strategies, learning a new subject, and delving into the mystical side of life, such as meditation, past life regression, reflexology, palmistry, tarot cards, angel cards, the I Ching, astrology, candle magic, crystal scrying, acrophonology the study of names , numerology etc.

Now is also time to make your life simpler. What can you eliminate? Certain bills perhaps, think of consolidating now, will all be very beneficial for you in the future. Either you or someone very close to you will be starting a new job or business, or some type of new endeavor very soon, within 4 weeks time. Many are entering a cycle of advancement, growth, and development, so it's wise to take advantage of it. This cycle for some of you will last 7 months which will have lasting affects of 7 to 9 years - or longer.

There is someone who follows you, or is a great friend or supporter of you and what you're doing or working on, that will help you, which will show up now, or at some point over the next 6 weeks.

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My Guides say: "Buckle up, because it's about to become an interesting ride. Many of you will feel inspired to go off the beaten path and try some things that are new, and march to th Perhaps you're starting your own business, or a new aspect of your work or career. There will be others trying new things, learning new subjects, joining new clubs and organizations, and finding new paths to go down.

Watch out for being too open and letting your guard down too much, before committing to the new endeavors or direction fully. In whatever you're doing, taking small manageable steps at first is advised, to test the waters. You want to feel free in some area of your life, so be careful in whatever direction you're choosing to embark on, that you're not giving up too much of that freedom.

It's time to be diligent in your studies and research. This is a harbinger of change of a new direction and avenue for you. Throwing caution to the wind, and having your cake and eating it too, are themes here. Just use your wisdom when making plans for whatever the new journey in life you're making, or preparing to make. No need to repeat karmic cycles over again with people, work, or situations, because remember this is a NEW journey. Timing will be different for all of you with this, but this new path and new journey will comence sometime over the course of the next 9 months.

Good Afternoon to all! I wish you phenomenal blessings and peace to carry you through the rest of September! Good Morning!

Taurus Psychic Tarot Reading January 2019 by Pam Georgel

Many of the predictions went out as far as summer and fall of ! I wish you all enlightenment, peace and blessings from this Pisces Full Moon! Hi everyone! My Guides say: "What do you want to clear out of your life? Is it clutter? You might also want to look into your Ascendant Rising sign, as this will be influencing you as well. Thank you so much for all of your purchases of all of my videos here on Vimeo. I hope these additional three cards will give you some insightful messages, and predictions that will be helpful and useful to you as you travel through the month of December Thank you so much for all of your purchases of my videos on Vimeo!

In these Jupiter In Scorpio Psychic Tarot and Crystal Readings, I've pulled 3 cards for each sign of the Zodiac from the Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck, and then I also look into my crystal to get predictions, messages and insights from my Spirit Guides, to cover a one year time period while Jupiter is in Scorpio from October 10th until November 8th To go to schedule a private reading with me when my online calendar is open, please click here:. To get many of the videos I recorded for down load and purchase from , please click here:.

To get the videos from and from the archives for down load and purchase, please click here:. In each reading, I am using three tarot cards from the Robin Wood Tarot Deck and also using my Crystal Sphere to receive messages and predictions and guidance from my Spirit Guides, to give you predictions, messages and insights on how these two eclipses will be effecting each sign of the Zodiac.

The energies of these two eclipses can last up to six months util the next eclipse in July I believe you will find these Love Forecast Readings for to be very interesting and enlightening, and give you a good picture of what you can expect this year in love. But since these are about LOVE, you might want to watch your moon sign as well since that shines light on your emotions, or perhaps if you know what your Venus sign is as well, as this deals with your area of love.

Thank you so much for all of your purchases of my Vimeo Videos! In these videos I have pulled three tarot cards from the Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck for each sign of the zodiac, to give you predictions and messages for this year of , about what lucky areas of you life will be, and how it will happening for you this year in Thanks for all of your purchases of my Vimeo Videos!

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In these videos I am using two tarot decks and the crystal, to look into each zodiac sign's Career and Finances for a 12 to 18 month time period, starting in April I rounded out every one of these Psychic Tarot and Crystal Readings, by looking into the crystal to see what will be the challenges, and blessings in each of those two areas.

Thank you so much for all of your purchases of all of my videos on Vimeo. From April of through April From May 15th until April 26th In these videos I used the Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck and psychically focused on the planet Uranus changing signs for it's big change and eight year transit in the sign of Taurus.

I am giving you messages and predictions from my Spirit Guides on what some of the challenges, changes, and blessings may come about from this transit, for each zodiac sign. I wish you Peace and Blessings! The Vimeo website hosts my videos and has all of your purchase information, and only they are able to rectify and trouble shoot any issues you may be experiencing. I do not have any access to your purchase information, or your payment information and therefore I am not able to solve any issues once I have uploaded the videos on their website.

However Vimeo informed me the majority of the times when a purchaser can't find their video purchases is because they accidentally used a different email address and purchased the videos from a different email address then the one they are using where they can't find the videos that they previously purchased. Thank you so much for your continued interest and support of my readings! Peace and Blessings to you all! Similar to the readings I did for the beginning of the year in January, I am looking at the cards to cover the rest of the year in these readings.

The time frame is from June though to the end of this year of I hope that these messages will being you new insights and additional information that will be helpful and useful to you, moving forward though the second half of the year.

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Thank you so much! P eace and Blessings!

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Elvira Meza 10 months ago I love your readings I look foward to them!! None of what he said came true in the time frame he stated. Throwing caution to the wind, and having your cake and eating it too, are themes here. This may cause you to become busier, and feel like you have to juggle more things, because these gains may bring more activities to your plate. Good management, adaptation, coordination, modification. Doing things little-by-little does the trick! Thank you for purchasing all of my videos here on Vimeo.

I will look into my crystal for each sign and give you the messages I receive from my Spirit Guides and any other psychic feelings and impressions I receive. Hopefully they will bring additional insight and information that will be helpful for you. Thank You so much!